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KunPrinter, desktop 3D printer, free shipping

Uses one of two ways to drive the Z-axis, which guarantees the two (left and right) sides of X-axis absolute synchronization in the process of rising and falling which avoids  the problems of X-axis tilt. Convenient for manually adjusting X-axis.

Z-axis direction using a T screw, guarantees the uniformity of the Z-axis movement inside the work space, as well as provides the basic hardware support for printing thinner model layers. In practical use, the print mode is 0.05mm thickness.

Materials are stored and fed to the printer on spools, here are a few of the many types of materials that can be used to print.

20cm x 20cm x 20cm modeling space can satisfy most model printing. With 150W printing hot bed, there is no trouble in edge lifting  whether using ABS or PLA.

Printing platform uses four-point supports, ensuring platform operation stability.

Inspired by the delat series 3D printer, using the method of distal extrusion, reduces size of the print head, for smoother print head motion,resulting in better shape accuracy and higher printing speeds. In actual use, printing speed can be up to 80 mm/s, empty moving speed can reach 230 mm/s. The printing head and the X slider use separation design, convenient to upgrade and extend.

v.2.0 -5


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